Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tender Dove

Holy Spirit from above, 
Tender, undefiled Dove,
In my spirit have Thy way,
O'er my actions hold full sway.

Blest  Companion from on high, 
In Thy comfort ever nigh;
Bind my heart to Christ in Love, 
O Thou precious, Heavenly Dove.

This cold heart and these dull eyes,
So unfit for Paradise,
Fire with Thy sacred flame, 
Show the power of Jesus' Name.

Weak I in myself may be, 
But my strength shall be in Thee.
Sweet provision of God's grace;
In Thy gift His love I trace.

I could no Thy coming earn, 
Could no more Thy wooing spurn. 
Take control and bless and use
As the Infinite shall choose.


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