Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Conversion to Vocation ~ from a Nun at St. Emma part 6

I spent the first part of the week walking and praying. They were having their first Auction /Flea Market. I made the “mistake” of asking if they needed any help. I seemed to kind of fit in with them. I observed how they interacted both in prayer and at work. The day of the Auction I was asked to be at the welcome tent, I had only been there for 4 days at this point, did I mention that I was lost a lot of the time and they wanted me to direct other people....

The Lord works in strange ways. 

This was the first week that I was with out an ankle air cast, I thought that this time of rest and prayer would also help my ankle. I was walking up to the welcome tent carring a hot dog and drink when my ankle slipped off of the sidewalk...yes the same ankle. I hobbled back to my room with an ice pack. Just to let you know I didn't spill a thing.

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