Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life of St. Walburga - Part XII

The Miraculous Flow of Oil

In the 870s Walburga’s remains were solemnly brought to Eichstätt. In 893 as some of her relics were being moved elsewhere it was discovered that her bones were covered with drops of a dew-like liquid. Touching the holy reliquary, a cripple was healed and devotion spread rapidly. Abtei St. Walburg, which established St. Emma Monastery in 1931, was founded in 1035 and the present tomb was soon built.  Below the sarcophagus is a shaft where the ‘holy oil’ flowing from the reliquary is collected.  Over the centuries countless pilgrims, distressed in mind and body, have visited her shrine, and still today some of those who pray with deep faith are cured or receive a deep sense of peace in their hearts to bear their cross more easily. Devotion to her has extended throughout the world.

Let us pray for the devout, the distressed and the dying who are making both intercession and thanksgiving to our beloved and generous St. Walburga.

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  1. I just made a "paper saint" of Saint Walburga. My little sister is entering the abbey in Germany in January! God bless you sisters. I went to Catholic school in Rio de Janeiro run by beautify Gregorian-chant singing Benedictine nuns from Germany, so many good memories of them.