Sunday, November 27, 2011

Advent Nunning

You can tell its Advent in the monastery:  large Advent wreaths are set up in the chapel, the refectory (monastic dining room), our recreation room as well as several other locations.  Wherever you look, it seems that you have the visible reminder in purple and pink that there are four weeks to prepare your heart to receive Christ in a special way at Christmas.

Advent is about waiting and preparing.  Preparing to celebrate the Birth of Christ that happened 2000 years ago, the coming of Christ when He returns, and the coming of Christ in the here and now of Christmas 2011. 

How do we prepare?  For us, today is a day of recollection, a day of prayer.  Just as one would spend time with friends or loved ones, we spend time today and during these days of Advent in a special way with our Divine Bridegroom asking Him and inviting the Spirit to make our hearts even more like unto His own Sacred Heart and an intimate dwelling place for Him.

What are you doing this Advent to make your heart a home for Christ?  Take some time today to ask the Lord what He most desires for you.  Who knows, you may be very surprised at the gift Christ gives you for Christmas...

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