Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hospitality Nunning

Mother Mary Anne giving a tour of the Robertshaw Country House Bed and Breakfast.

In his Rule, St. Benedict directs his followers to welcome all guests as Christ.  It was so important that he devotes one chapter, Chapter 53, to it which is entitled The Reception of Guests.  In this, he tells how they are to be welcomed and their needs seen to.

For us, hospitality is a special charism that we extend through our retreat house, monastic guest house, bed and breakfast, as well as in answering the phone, the door and through our website and this blog.  It is seeing the guest through the eyes of faith and seeing Christ that is within them.  Yes, it can be challenging and stretching at times, but by no means is Christ less present.  The reality in those moments is that we need to remove the blinders that we are wearing so that we can see Christ shining through.

It is hospitality that makes us see the guest not as a strange, but a friend that we have just met.

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