Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Stability Does - Part I

Stability calls us to work out our problems with the people who are a part of our lives.  When we flee physically or emotionally, we only bring our old problems with us into the new situation or relationship.  The truth is, if I don't work out my problem with this person, I'll end up working out the same problem with the next person.  Best to stay put and work things out!

Stability prevents us from running away from necessary development.  Progress is not possible without growth pangs.  We think it is, however, and respond by projecting our inner dissatisfactions on the community.  We blame others for the negativity we experience in ourselves.  Stability keeps us from being buffeted about by our moods or doubts.  We surrender them to God and seek God in the situation before us.  We can recognize that our passing moods don't necessarily represent the true desires of our hearts.  Such thinking can help us stay put until balance returns.

St. Benedict's Toolbox
The Nuts and Bolts of
Everyday Benedictine Living
by Jane Tomaine

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