Monday, August 20, 2012

What Stability Does - Part II

Stability encourages the skill of looking for the best in the other person.  Negativite thoughts and judgments are easy, and negatiave pronouncemednts may make us feel better or even superior for a while.  But in the end, all it does is separate us in hurtful ways.  Stability, on the other hand, enables us to look for the good in each person.

Stability also brings a call for forgiveness.  When we choose to be in a community -- whatever that community is -- there are bound to be differences and often little quirks about other people that annoy or anger us.  There can also be major disagreements.  Living in a community puts before us the opportunity to practice forgiveness.

Our commitment to stay put helps us move beyond those temporary blips on the screen of life to embrace the bigger picture.

St. Benedict's Toolbox
The Nuts and Bolts of
Everyday Benedictine Living
by Jane Tomaine

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