Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Saints Hymn

Rejoice with all the saints this day,
Who ran by faith the narrow way.
The great and low together stand
With glory crowned at God's right hand.

How blest are they the Spirit's poor,
Their king is Jesus Christ the Lord,
And all who mourned have found new birth;
The patient meek await the earth.

How blest are those who fought the fight,
God's justice fills their thirst for right.
The pure of heart God's face behold;
The merciful have overflowed.

How blest are those who wrought the peace
As heirs they share the Victor's feast;
And prophets by injustice slain
Have claimed the Kingdom's righteous reign.

Come martyrs red and virgins white,
All teachers wise and students bright,
All wives and husbands, monks and nuns,
With bishops, priests, and deacons, come.

Come holy men and women all
With heart and voice sing praise and call
To Christ who rose triumphantly
That we amy join your company.

Most blest the Father, and the Son.
Most blest the Spirit, Three in One.
Your Kindom come, your will be done.
Your praise forever more be sung.  Amen.

~ Harry Hagan, OSB
in Praying with the Benedictines,
A Window on the Cloister

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