Friday, November 23, 2012

What the Benedictine Nuns are thankful for...

Our Monastic life, this is the profession candle of one of our founding sisters,  
Sr. Gaudentia, and her wreath they are both given to the sister at Solemn Vows.

This represents the ministry of hospitality that we offer to all who come.

 The Liturgy of the Hours that we pray in common six time a day. We offer up the official prayer of the Church. This is the center of our life.

The Eucharist, what else could we be most thankful for.... The Body and Blood of our Lord and Saviour
The Holy Gospel, the words of God spoken to us for us to center our life on God.

St. Benedict, who we follow in his footsteps that he laid down for us in his Holy Rule.

The Cross, what we must pickup and follow Christ who laid down his life for us on.

This display is on the steps in front of the Tabernacle. These are the building blocks that we Benedictine Nuns use to strengthen our relationship and union with God.

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