Tuesday, December 18, 2012

O Adonai ~ O God of the Covenant~ Dec 18th

O Adonai God of the covenant and ruler of the house of Israel, You appeared to Moses in the fire of the burning bush and on Mt Sinai gave him Your Law: Come and with an outstretched arm redeem us!

The Second person of the Blessed Trinity had an active part in creation, as noted in yesterday's "O" antiphon. Now the liturgy , seeing Christ in the perspective of divinity, finds Him active in the Old Testament. Christ was the " Covenant of God" (Adonai) of the Chosen People.

Reflection: The deliverance from Egypt has always been regarded as a leading Old Testament type for Christ's work of redemption. Pharaoh is the infernal prince into whose bondage mankind had fallen through sin; Moses is the redeemer--Christ, who redeems. Of old God appeared in the thornbush, in the fullness of time He appeared on earth clothed in human flesh--even now we are at the point of celebrating that appearance with admiration and joy.

And today He wants to enter my soul, to be its Ruler and Lawgiver. " Come, follow Me," walk in My footsteps, He pleads. Christian life means following Christ. Christ wants to be my Law. Without law there is no kingdom of God. He wants to redeem me " with an outstretched arm," but can do so only on  condition that I unite my will to His. Listen, soul, to His directions.

Abbot Gueranger OSB  The Liturgical Year Advent pg 179-180

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