Monday, December 17, 2012

O Sapientia ~O Wisdom Dec 17th~

~O Wisdom ~

This is the first of the O Antiphons
(This is the Magnificat Antiphon from Vespers on the 17th of Dec.)

The Church enters today on the seven days which precede the Vigil of Christmas, and which are known in the liturgy under the name of the Greater Ferias. The ordinary of the Advent Office becomes more solemn; the antiphons of the psalms, both for Lauds and the Hours of the Day, are proper, and allude expressly to the great coming. Every day, at Vespers, is sung a solemn antiphon, consisting of a fervent prayer to the Messias, whom it addresses by one of the titles given Him in the sacred Scriptures.
In the Roman Church, there are seven of these antiphons, one for each of the greater ferias, They are commonly called the O's of Advent, because they all begin with that interjection.
Let us enter into the spirit of the Church; let us reflect on the great day which is coming; that thus we may take our share in these the last and most earnest solicitations of the Church imploring her Spouse to come, to which He at length yields.
Abbot Gueranger OSB The Liturgical Year Advent

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  1. ...this is a very special post to me...I am a convert, and today is my mom's Birthday (RIP) this has always been a kind of special birthday prayer for my mom (and still is) ever since I learned what the "O Antiphons" are...THANK YOU for the wonderful post!!!