Monday, May 6, 2013

Find Solitude

There is no blessing I would withhold from them that walk in obedience to Me-- who follow when I call, and who respond when I speak unto them. They are near to my heart and precious in my sight who have eyes to discern My purpose and ears that listen to My direction.
Be not intent upon great accomplishments. By what standards do ye judge the importance of a matter? It was a relatively small thing that Hannah prayed for a son, but what great things I accomplished through Samuel! It may have seemed incidental that Simeon and Anna perceived the Christchild and prophesied over  Him; but it was to Me a word worthy to be recorded in Holy Scripture and preserved forever.
Nay, ye cannot ascertain the ways of God amidst the pathways of men. Ye may feel the wind as I pass, and yet see only the swirling dust. The earthy beclouds the heavenly. The voices of men drown the voice of God. Only in much solitude can ye begin to sift away the chaff and come at last to the golden grains of truth.
The World will confuse thee. Silence will speak more to thee in a day than the world of voices can teach thee in a lifetime. Find it. Find solitude -- and having discovered her riches, bind her to thy heart.

Roberts, Frances J. Come Away My Beloved  pg.135


  1. WOW....just, wow.....

  2. Great!!! Just loved this writing on solitude. So true ,so true!!!!! Especially loved the last 5 lines....Just wonderful!!!!!