Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Seven Last Words of Jesus - Part VI

Sixth Word

It is finished.

Of all the words one would "expect" to hear, these don't seem to fit.  Yet, they do.  What is finished?  Christ's work of redeeming sinful man given to him by his Father. 

Being no Latin scholar, I am always grateful when the text in Latin is easily "see-able" in the English.  The Latin text reads, Consummatum est (all is consummated).  Christ's death on the cross completes the Father's plan for our forgiveness and reconciliation.  The love so great that it could not be satisfied until humankind was once again in union with God.  A gift so priceless, that we could never do anything so as to deserve it. 

May we ever be mindful of this tremendous gift that our loving God has bestowed upon us.

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