Monday, February 20, 2012

A Wonderful Heart

One week ago, one of our big-hearted volunteers had three major heart attacks within a 12 hour period.  The first one likely during late Sunday night/early Monday morning, one at his doctor's office and the third while undergoing heart catherization at a local hospital. 

The first left him incredibly weak -- and it seems that he was unaware that he had it.  The second one in the doctor's office got him an ambulance ride with police escort to the nearest hospital.  The third one had medical personnel performing CPR for 45 minutes while they hooked him up to a heart-lung bypass machine, and earned him a trip with a specialized ambulance crew to Allegheny General Hospital, and as of Friday he now has an artificial heart.

Ironically it was on Valentine's Day that this wonderful man -- known for having a B-I-G heart, was determined to need a heart transplant.  With no donor heart available, he received a titanium artifical heart on the way to a future heart transplant.

As you may be becoming more and more aware, our volunteers are not just individuals that come in and help -- they are truly a part of our family. 

We ask your prayers for him, and the nurses and doctors caring for him, and his family.  May God bless you!


  1. Great story, but I bet his new heart is plastic! Syncardia makes the new hearts and drivers

    1. Actually, the new heart is titanium! This guy only deserves the best.