Monday, April 16, 2012

Jesus, I Trust in You!

Yesterday was Divine Mercy Sunday.  Back when I first began discerning vocation, I was having difficulty sleeping.  The priest I spoke with basically diagnosed the real root of my problem to be one of lack of trust in God's will for my life.  He went on to assure me that if I prayed, "Jesus, I trust in You!" over and over as I tried to fall asleep, that I would become at peace and would be able to sleep. 

Sure enough, I was able to sleep again and came to be at peace with that strange word of "vocation" that had become part of my personal reality.  Mind you, I had no knowledge of Faustinaher Diary, the novena, chaplet, etc.  What I knew was this was a mantra that I prayed, over and over again, as I came unite my will with God's will for my life.

The Lord likes to write straight with crooked lines, and in my vocation story it is not different.  Eventually Divine Mercy Sunday would become an even bigger part of my vocation story.  My clothing day and the date of my first profession were both on Divine Mercy Sunday.

Still I was clueless.  I did not pray the Chaplet or Novena (didn't really know they existed).  It wasn't until people kept saying to me, "Oh, Divine Mercy Sunday" when I would tell them my profession anniversary.  I eventually discovered several copies of the Novena and Chaplet in my cell (I still don't know how they came into my possession).  The final "sign" was a Sister from St. Faustina's convent (in Poland!) who attended a day of recollection here at the monastery.  Through her presence, I finally heard the Lord's call to pray the Chaplet and Novena.  Actually I thought if I didn't, I'd be facing St. Faustina herself next and I just wasn't up to that challenge!

Today, the Chaplet and Novena are a special preparation each year for my profession anniversary, and other prayers taken from the Diary are also incorporated into my personal prayer.

All that, from such a small, yet powerful prayer, Jesus, I Trust in You!

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