Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Peace Among Thorns

After Christ's death, his close followers were frightened men.  After all, what had ahappened to their Master might also happen to them.  Indeed this is precisely what occurred:  Each of the apostles, except John, died a violent death.  Nevertheless Christ's message was "Peace be with you; it is I.  I am with you, do not be afraid."  Christ did not shirk the difficulties which came his way in life.  He faced up to the fact of death.  The Christian belief in resurrection is taht all the experiences which seem to be "dying experiences" are in fact "life-giving."

It is not by escaping from our problems that we shall find peace.  No, it is by facing up to them, bravely and in a strightforward manner, that we shall discover peace deep down.  The wind lashes the surface of the sea and makes it rough and turbulent, but in the deep there is calm.  The wind can only strike the surface.

From The Mystery of the Cross
by Cardinal Basil Hume

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