Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On the road to Emmaus

Two were bound for Emmaus, disheartened and lost;
all their hope for the future had been nailed to a cross.
Love unknown then walked beside them,
come back from the dead,
and they knew he was risen in the breaking of bread.

From Two Were Bound for Emmaus
by Bob Hurd, copyrighted 2000

Today's Gospel reading by St. Luke is well known.  The tale of two disciples journey to a town that took an entire's day journey when disheartened after Jesus' death but whose journey was incredibly shortened after the joy of knowing that Jesus was indeed risen from the dead!

Bob Hurd did a nice job in the first verse referenced above.  It also made me ponder what all went through the disciples minds when Jesus began walking with them and explaining the scriptures to them.  Luke only records that their hearts had been burning as He broke the scriptures open for them. 

Do we recognize Jesus when He walks beside us?  Or are we like those disciples who need a lot of "coaching" before we recognize Jesus in our midst?

Today take a few moments to ponder how to better recognize Jesus in your midst.  Remember:  We can find Him in those we encounter, if we look with eyes of faith.

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