Sunday, June 9, 2013

Conversion to Vocation ~ from a Nun at St. Emma part 5

At this point in my life I stopped looking for an order to join. After all I did spend a long time looking and exploring communities. I spent my 21st birthday picking cherries in Wisconsin with the Franciscans. Now how many people can say that? I then felt the need to find out where God wanted to be. I spent the weekend at the Passionist in Pittsburgh, so I could spend some quality time in prayer. I wanted to figure out if I should go on to be a Teacher or a Physical therapist.  The easiest way for me to make the decision was whatever program I got into the first. I ended up being accepted into the Teaching program at the University of Pittsburgh first so I went on to get my teaching degree.
After going to school, working at a nursing home, and student teaching, I found that I had a week off!
I asked about going back to the Passionaist again but they were full. A priest friend of mine said that he knew another Mother Mary Anne, but she was at St. Emma Monastery. Both of the Superiors had the same name. The only thing that I needed to know was if I could take a bus there.

 I arrived on Monday morning just getting of the midnight shift at the nursing home, the cab driver stated that he was concerned about me when he dropped me off, he just happened to be the same one that took me back to the bus station. 

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