Friday, August 16, 2013

G ~ is for...


Am I one whose prayer is all petition, asking for everthing and giving thanks for nothing?

Am I grateful to God for all His gifts to me ~ gifts of body and soul?

Do I acknowledge that many contradictions and disappointments have been blessings in disguise?

Am I really grateful fo God's gift to me of a religious vocation?

Spiritual Gem Selections Grand Central Annex New York, N.Y.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

F~ is for....

Looking down into the Easter Holy Water vase. 

Am I one who would see without believing,
 rather than believe without seeing?

Do I see the authority of God in the authority of my superiors?

Do I accept failures and reverses in a spirit of faith?

How can I increase my spirit of faith?

Spiritual Gem Selections Grand Central Annex New York, N.Y.

Monday, August 12, 2013

E~ is for ....

Exercises of the Rule

Do I appreciate the sanctifying effect of the exercises of the Rule?

Is my interest in active works balanced by my fidelity to spiritual exercises?

Do I make an honest effort to resist drowsiness during prayer?

Spiritual Gem Selections Grand Central Annex New York, N.Y.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Conversion to Vocation ~ from a Nun at St. Emma part 8

O Lord, show me what your will is in my life and help me to do it.

I continued to work at various jobs, at one point I had three part-time jobs and one weekend off a month, which I spent at the monastery.
I loved being a teacher, working at the nursing home, and also working with the mentally and physically handicap in their homes.  But I knew that I wasn't called to stay working in this way for life.
I have always tried to figure out what God was trying to teach me in this part of my. I started to think this way since I started my first job as a hostess at King's Family Restaurant when I was 18.
I just kept working and praying that God would find some way to make this work because I couldn't do this on my own, and that is what God was teaching me at this point in my life.
I remember someone coming up to me after Mass one day and said that I have too much faith in God and that he didn't want me to be devastated when God doesn’t answer my prayers. Now I know where he was coming from and that he didn't want to see me hurt, but I took it as a wonderful comment.  This meant that he could see what I couldn’t; I have struggled with my faith in God and still continue to “work” on it.