Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thoughts on Obedience, Part I

Benedict begins his Rule with the word: 'Listen', a listening with 'the ear of the heart'.  To listen (obaudire) is to obey, and obedience is the third promise which a Benedictine professes.  It is, firstly, a call to hear and respond to the word of God.  The word is most explicit in the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ, and in his good news.  It is to him that Benedict summons his followrs to return by the 'labor of obedience' in order to fight for and establish God's reign over the territory of the human heart.

from The Gift of Saint Benedict
introduced by Verna A. Holyhead SGS

Friday, June 29, 2012

...if we stay near to God

A hermit pointed out that a person near the emperor is safe from harm.  "Satan cannot harm us if we stay near God.  It is because we frequently become vicitms of pride that it is easy for the emeny to lead our miserable souls into physical passion and humiliation."

By Way of the Desert, 365 Daily Readings
compiled and modernized by Bernard Bangley

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our Habit

The tunic, scapular, cincture and veil to be blessed for a new novice.

One of the more common questions that arise is "What exactly are the various parts of your habit?"  The habit is made up of several basic elements:  tunic, scapular, cincture (or leather belt), coif and veil.

The tunic is the main garment of the habit.  It is a long sleeved, floor length garment, belted at the waist. 

The scapular consists of two panels of fabric joined at the shoulder that is the same length as the tunic.  Originally St. Benedict thought of this garment for work purposes, as an apron.  

The coif (some also call this a wimple or guimpe), is the white material covering a nun’s head and throat and has a rounded collar.  For the early morning Offices and Holy Mass we wear a coif that is pleated.  It is approximately a yard of starched linen.  During the day, we have a simple coif that is sewn of wash and wear fabric and much easier to maintain. 

The veil is worn over the coif.  A novice wears white veil, a black veil is worn by a nun in temporary vows, a nun in solmen vows wears a black veil with white liner, it is also referred to as “double” veil.

Nuns in solemn vows also wear a cuculla, or choir robe.  It has wide, deep sleeves, and pleats vertical pleats or folds that hang the full length from the shoulders to the floor.  This is worn over the tunic and scapular.  We wear our cacullas on Sundays and Solemnities, except during the summer months due to the high heat and humidity of southwestern Pennsylvania.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mary's Consent

Salvation would be God's gift, but it had to be accepted.  It had been lost by the first parents of the human race, mysteriously described in the event of the Book of Genesis, and it would be recovered by the free consent of the human being who would accept the absolute salvation of God.

It is fruitful to meditate on the fact that this event took place in the most silent of ways.  Just as no one had ever head the explosion that was the "big bang," just as no one hear the cosmic events in the sky because they go on in a world where there are no ears to hear them, so also the event that would be the re-creation of the world took place in the absolute silence of the inner being of a single human.

The Gospel of St. Luke describes this event which is the second creation of the world.  It is as mysterious and spell-binding, as utterly overpowering to the human intellect as the great explosion at the beginning of creation.  But this time it includes the freedom of the human will.  The human will had once chosen evil, now it would choose good.

from Quiet Moments with Benedict Groeschel, 120 Readings

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prayer to Know One's Vocation

O blessed St. Walburga,
Who heard the call
of the Heavenly Bridegroom
in the depths of your heart,
intercede now with that same
Heavenly Bridegroom
that I may know
to what vocation He is calling me.
If my vocation be to
the consecrated life,
may He fill my heart with the
same love, joy, peace that you knew
in serving and following Him.
I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Sweetness of the Divine Will...

When shall it be that we shall taste the sweetness
of the Divine Will in all that happens to us,
considering in everything only His good pleasure,
by whom it is certain that adversity is sent
with as much love as prosperity,
and as much for our good?
When shall we cast ourselves undeservedly
into the arms of our most loving Father in Heaven,
leaving to Him the care of ourselves and of our affairs,
and reserving only the desire of pleasing Him,
and of serving Him well in all that we can?

~ St. Jane Frances de Chantal

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Heart of Jesus Our Model - Part II

Our Lord joins the lesson of meekness to that of humility precisely because the immediate foundation of meekness is humility.  It takes only a small amount of pride, of self-love, of attachment to our own way of seeing or doing things to mkae us unable to stand opposition.  Then in the face of the shocks inevitably arising from the common life, we lose, to a greater or lesser extent, our serenity, our interior and exterior peace.  If serenity is lost, calmness of judgment is also lost; therfore, we are no longer able to see clearly the divine light showing us wich path to follow in order to give Our Lord what He is asking of us.  Our soul wavers, loses its vigor, and allows itself to be ruled somewhat by passion.  As long as any traces of pride and self-love remain in us, there will always occur circumstances in which we will lose some of our control and self-mastery; consequently, we shall lack meekness.  to profit by the lesson of the Heart of Jesus, and to model our heart on His, we must work assiduously to uproot every trace of pride and self-love.  It is a task to which we must give our attention day by day, always beginning again, and never allowing ourselves to be discouraged by the constant recurrence of the attractions and resentments of our "ego."  We can only win this battle by never giving up the struggle.

To arouse our courage, let us remind ourselves that our strivings are not only good for our own soul but useful also to others, for, as Pius XI says, "the more we have sacrificed our self-love and passions, the more abundant will be the fruits of propitiation and expiation which we shall reap for ourselves and for others" (Miserentissimus Redemptor).  The battle against self-love and the practie of humility are both part of the program of a soul consecrated to the Sacred Heart, of one who has offered itself to Him asa victim of reparation.

from Divine Intimacy
by Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, OCD

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Heart of Jesus Our Model - Part I

A soul consecrated to the Sacred Heart, a soul given to reparation, must feel the need of modeling its life on that of the Jesus.  How can we say that we are really consecrated to the Sacred Heart, how can we say that we are His victim of reparation, when we retain in our heart feelings, desires, and attractions which are opposed to His?

It is clear that in order to model our heart on the Heart of Christ we cannot limit ourselves to eliminating this or that fault, to acquiring such and such a virtue; rather, we must strive to reform our whole life.  However, when the divine Master offers us His Heart as a model, He spoke of two virtues in particular, meekness and humility:  "Learn of Me because I am meek and humble of heart" (Mt. 11,29).  Not without reason has He spoken thus, knowing that when we have removed all movements and feelings of pride and self-love from our heart, we will also have suppressed all our other faults; and when we have acquired a profound humility, we will have acquired all the other virtues as well.  Let us pause, then, to consider this great lesson of the Heart of Jesus.

First, Jesus speaks to us of meekness.  This is the virtue by which man is enabled to master everything that falls under the heading of "anger."  Meekness gives the power to restrain and dominate all those passionate movements -- even slight ones -- which sometimes make us exceed just limits, and lose sight of the divine Guide.  Since the guide of a soul desirous of giving itself to the service of God, is God Himself, is the Heart of Jesus, we must never lose sight of Our Lord or withdraw from Him, even for a short time; if we do, we will end by following our own self-love and trivial passions.  Meekness, however, gives us self-mastery, enabling us to dominate every kind of irritation.  If we examine ourselves carefully, we shall see that these irritations are almost always caused by some little hurt to our pride; the irascible appetite has been aroused by something which has wounded our "ego."  Meekness, as we can see, is closely connected with humility.

from Divine Intimacy
by Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, OCD

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Disciple's Prayer

O Lord Jesus Christ,
Savior and Redeemer,
show me the real way to be your follower.
Give me the wisdom and humility
to learn from your words
and from the church which you left
after raising up disciples in your own time.

By your example and by your Holy Spirit,
deliver me from following my own way,
from constructing the image of you
that suits my needs and desires.
Each of my inner inclinations can seduce me
to construct my own image of you:
my anger,
and sense of self-importance.
Like the apostles,
I can have my own ideas
of how you can save the world --
but with my help, of course.

Break my pride by your humility,
unmask my selfishness and innate paganism
by your providential gifts
that impel me to true conversion and humiliation.
If necessary, let the knife cut deeply
and let me not cringe back in cowardice.
Le me know the true joy of your real presence;
let me experience even in the dark time,
the saving strength of your corss;
let me be a source of your gracious assistance
to those whom I meet along the way.

from Quiet Moments with Benedict Groeschel, 120 Daily Readings

Monday, June 18, 2012

So what's it take to be a nun?

The question seems simple, doesn't it?  For our monastic community, here are the "basics" we look for in vocation candidates.

Candidates to our Benedictine monastic life need to possess a deep love of God and practice their Catholic faith (and have received all the Sacraments of Initiation or are a convert to the Catholic faith of at least three years).

They need to be able to live and work with others and have the physical and psychological strength to live in community and to participate in the daily round of prayer and work.

A college education is not necessary, but at least two years of work experience post high school are required.

A good sense of humor is essential.

Individuals may begin making vocation visits at age 14, entrance ages are between 20-40. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Prayer comes from a humble heart...

Today's second reading at Vigils is taken from St Cyprian's treatise on the Lord's Prayer.  It is full of beautiful insights and well worth taking time to ponder.  We hope you find it as fruitful as we...
Let our speech and our petition be kept under discipline when we pray, and let us preserve quietness and modesty – for, remember, we are standing in God’s sight. We must please God’s eyes both with the movements of our body and with the way we use our voices. For just as a shameless man will be noisy with his cries, so it is fitting for the modest to pray in a moderate way. Furthermore, the Lord has taught us to pray in secret, in hidden and remote places, in our own bed-chambers – and this is most suitable for faith, since it shows us that God is everywhere and hears and sees everything, and in the fullness of his majesty is present even in hidden and secret places, as it is written I am a God close at hand and not a God far off. If a man hides himself in secret places, will I not see him? Do I not fill the whole of heaven and earth?, and, again, The eyes of God are everywhere, they see good and evil alike.
When we meet together with the brethren in one place, and celebrate divine sacrifices with God’s priest, we should remember our modesty and discipline, not to broadcast our prayers at the tops of our voices, nor to throw before God, with undisciplined long-windedness, a petition that would be better made with more modesty: for after all God does not listen to the voice but to the heart, and he who sees our thoughts should not be pestered by our voices, as the Lord proves when he says: Why do you think evil in your hearts? – or again, All the churches shall know that it is I who test your motives and your thoughts.
In the first book of the Kings, Hannah, who is a type of the Church, observes that she prays to God not with loud petitions but silently and modestly within the very recesses of her heart. She spoke with hidden prayer but with manifest faith. She spoke not with her voice but with her heart, because she knew that that is how God hears, and she received what she sought because she asked for it with belief. The divine Scripture asserts this when it says: She spoke in her heart, and her lips moved, and her voice was not audible; and God listened to her. And we read in the Psalms: Speak in your hearts and in your beds, and be pierced. Again, the Holy Spirit teaches the same things through Jeremiah, saying: But it is in the heart that you should be worshipped, O Lord.
Beloved brethren, let the worshipper not forget how the publican prayed with the Pharisee in the temple – not with his eyes boldly raised up to heaven, nor with hands held up in pride; but beating his breast and confessing the sins within, he implored the help of the divine mercy. While the Pharisee was pleased with himself, it was the publican who deserved to be sanctified, since he placed his hope of salvation not in his confidence of innocence – since no-one is innocent – but he prayed, humbly confessing his sins, and he who pardons the humble heard his prayer.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Have recourse to Mary

In your trials,
have recourse to May,
and she will remedy them.

~ St. Paul of the Cross

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart

A Loving Heart

above all else, Your heart stands for love.
All virtues and qualities are but the various facets of Your love.
A love so immense that You chose to willing give your life
so that I could be reconciled with You.
Sinful, imperfect me.
I was that important to You --
thank you.
Your love for me is personal, passionate, enduring, heroic, eternal.
Grant me the grace to adequately contemplate Your love.
May I experience Your love in new and powerful ways.
And most importantly,
may I truly respond to Your love in new and selfless ways.
May I see You in every person I encounter.
May I hear Your voice speaking in the depths of my heart.
I ask You to set my heart totally on fire
with love for everyone.
Grant me the courage to proclaim my love for You
and to share my faith with others.
O Jesus, I love You!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
whose heart is filled with Love,
make my heart like unto Yours.

Some scripture texts for further prayer and meditation:
John 1:14, 3:16
Galations 2:20
1 John 4:10

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Novena to the Sacred Heart, Day 9

A Radical Heart

while extremely patient, You never hesitated to mince words.
You cut through pious appearances and flowery speech
and got directly to the heart of the matter.
And You readily pointed out when thoughts and ideas were worldly,
and not in conformity with the Father's plan.
You would not allow anyone to hinder You
in fulfilling of God's will.
May I whole-heartedly embrace my crosses in life
just as you embraced Yours.
May I see my crosses as gifts from You,
gifts meant for my growth in faith and love.
May I see them as possibilities
not as things to be endured.
May I accept the Father's will
just as You did --
You gave me the perfect example to follow.
In taking up my crosses,
 may I follow You along the path to holiness.
Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Radically committed to the Father's Will,
make my heart like unto Yours.

Some scripture texts for further prayer and meditation:
Matthew 5:29; 16:22, 23
John 4:34

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Novena to the Sacred Heart, Day 8

A Patient Heart

the lack of faith you encountered at various times
surely exasperated You, yet You modeled a heroic patience.
Patient, kind, not boastful, not arrogant, not rude --
all these and so much more describe Your forbearance.
Your own disciples gave you cause to need much patience:
slow to understand, resisting God's grace,
lessons unlearned, worldly standards,
pettiness, jealousy and betrayal.
Yet in all this You accept human weakness and flaws,
and respond with tenderness and compassion.
Lord, how often I fail You in matters great and small,
You could easily throw in the towel
and begin again with someone more "qualified."
Yet You chose me, a broken vessel,
to show others what patience means.
Thank you for Your example of
patience and forbearance
and for bearing with my defects, limitations, and failings.
May I learn from Your example,
and may Your grace shine through me.
Most of all, Lord,
thank you for being patient with me.
May I ever more and more mirror that patience
to those whom I meet.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
whose heart is filled with Patience,
make my heart like unto Yours.

Some scripture texts for further prayer and meditation:
Matthew 14:31, 16:4, 17:17
Luke 24:13-35
John 20:25, 27
1 Corinthians 13:4-5

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Novena to the Sacred Heart, Day 7

A Joyful Heart

true joy shines from within
reflecting the fullness of life.
Sadness, frustration, anxiousness and fearfulness
are not Your desire.
You wish to share your happiness with me.
Little children naturally were attracted to You --
and basked in your company.
Mary sat at your feet, choosing the better part.
You teach me about the Father's love,
so that I may knew true joy.
It is Your own joy that you desire to share with me.
Lord, may my joy be true:
not a painted-on, artificial smile
but rather reflected from my inmost being.
May I know the true joy
of knowing You day by day,
in the little as well as in the great events.
May my anguish and vanity vanish,
and be replaced with the deep joy that only You can give.
May joy be the gift I offer to others,
and may I always be a cheerful giver.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
joyful of heart,
make my heart like unto Yours.

Some scripture texts for further prayer and meditation:
Luke 10:21
John 15:11
John 16:22, 24
Romans 8:38-39
Philippians 4:4

Monday, June 11, 2012

Novena to the Sacred Heart, Day 6

A Courageous Heart

You chose the path to Calvary
when You could have walked away.
You chose to leave Nazareth
and the home You had with Mary.
You chose to teach the truth,
even when it angered your hearers
and brought the hatred of the the Pharisees.
During your Passion,
You demonstrated courage at a new height
before the Sanhedrin, Herod, Pilate and you executioners.
Too often I am paralized by my fear:
the fear of being misunderstood,
the fear of not being loved or wanted,
the fear of not being accepted,
the fear of being myself,
the fear that prohibits me from taking risks
so that I might grow in ways I never dreamed,
the fear of loving without counting the cost.
So many fears, yet leaning on You
I can overcome my fears
and become the person You desire me to be.
Lord, give me the courage
to follow the path less traveled --
the path that will lead me to an ever deeping union with You.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
bold and courageous of heart,
make my heart like unto Yours.

Some scripture texts for further prayer and meditation:
Matthew 7:14
Matthew 26:53
Luke 9:51
John 10:17-18

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Novena to the Sacred Heart, Day 5

A Grateful Heart

your gratitude flowed both in your communion with the Father
and in your interactions with those You encountered.
Yet, all too often, when I receive gifts and graces from You
I forget to give You both credit and thanks.
The Samaritan leper you cured along with nine others
is a tremendous example of the noble virtue gratitude
that You treasure.
You showed me in your words to your father
recorded in the Gospel how important it is to say "thank you"
even for the little things I take so much for granted:
every small act of kindness and gesture of love
are important and should be acknowledged with gratitude. 
Make me humble that I may notice the little acts of kindness,
the gifts I receive each day.
May this awareness lead me to You.
Thank you for creating me, for giving me life.
Thank you for my family,
my experiences.
Thank you for my faith and
for the gift of Your Body and Blood which nourishes my soul.
Thank you for companions on the journey
who encourage as well as challenge.
And thank you for being You!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
full of gratitude to all,
make my heart like unto Yours.

Some scripture texts for further prayer and meditation:
Matthew 11:25
Luke 10:21
Luke 17:11-17

Lauda Sion

Today's feast dates from the 13th century.  The Sequence, composed by St. Thomas Aquinas, is full of Eucharistic images and symbols.  Take some time today to ponder the full beauty and magnitude of this text.

Laud, O Zion, your salvation,
Laud with hymns of exultation,
Christ, your king and shepherd true:

Bring him all the praise you know,
He is more than you bestow.
Never can you reach his due.

Special theme for glad thanksgiving
Is the quick'ning and the living
Bread today before you set:

From his hands of old partaken,
As we know, by faith unshaken,
Where the Twelve at supper met.

Full and clear ring out your chanting,
Joy nor sweetest grace by wanting,
From your heart let praises burst:

For today the feast is holden,
When the institution olden
Of that supper was rehearsed.

Here the new law's new oblation,
By the new king's revelation,
Ends the form of ancient rite:

Now the new and old effaces,
Truth away the shadow chases,
Light dispels the gloom of night.

What he did at supper seated,
Christ ordained to be repeated,
His memorial ne're to cease:

And his rule for guidance taking,
Bread and wine we hallow, making
Thus our sacrifice of peace.

This the truth each Christian learns,
Bread into his flesh he turns,
To his precious blood the wine:

Sight has fail'd, nor thought conceives,
But a dauntless faith believes,
Resting on a pow'r divine.

Here beneath these signs are hidden
Priceless things to sense forbidden;
Signs, not things are all we see:

Blood is poured and flesh is broken,
Yet in either wondrous token
Christ entire we know to be.

Whoso of this food partakes,
Does not rend the Lord nor breaks;
Christ is whole to all that taste:

Thousands are, as one, receivers,
One, as thousands of believers,
Eats of him who cannot waste.

Bad and good the feast are sharing,
Of what divers dooms preparing,
Endless death, or endless life.

Life to these, to those damnation,
See how like participation
Is with unlike issues rife.

When the sacrament is broken,
Doubt not, but believe 'tis spoken,
That each sever'ed outward token
doth the very whole contain.

Nought the precious gift divides,
Breaking but the sign betides
Jesus still the same abides,
still unbroken does remain.

Lo! the angel's food is given
To the pilgrim who has striven;
See the children's bread from heaven,
which on dogs may not be spent.

Truth the ancient types fulfilling,
Isaac bound, a victim willing,
Paschal lamb, its lifeblood spilling,
manna to the fathers sent.

Very bread, good shepherd, tend us,
Jesu, of your love befriend us,
You refresh us, you defend us,
Your eternal goodness send us
In the land of life to see.

You who all things can and know,
Who on earth such food bestow
Grant us with your saints, though lowest,
Where the heav'nly feast you show,
Fellow heirs and guests to be.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Novena to the Sacred Heart, Day 4

A Prayerful Heart

Jesus, in your prayer,
You show me the intimate communion You shared with the Father.
Whether on mountain top or in the dessert,
You were immersed in conversation with Him.
You shared your thoughts, ideas,
expressed your thanks and pleaded with him,
and in so doing gave me an example to follow.
You told your disciples that You and the Father were one
and indeed that I too may enjoy that same intimacy with the Father.
May I persevere in my efforts to pray as You did
so that I too may have that dynamic relationship
as You, the Father and Holy Spirit share.
May I trust unreservedly.
May I be ever mindful to make time to spend with You in prayer.
May I value prayer as a priority
and appreciate it.
Make me ever grateful for the communion I share with You.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
full of prayer and devotion,
make my heart like unto Yours.

Some scripture texts for further prayer and meditation:
Mark 14:36
John 17:21, 23

Friday, June 8, 2012

Novena to the Sacred Heart, Day 3

An Undivided Heart

Jesus, in your undivided heart,
You show us that it is impossible to serve two masters,
it is only in single-hearted devotion that we are able to bear fruit.
In Your devotion to the Father
You model what it means to not waver, or second guess.
You were happily committed and thoroughly faithful.
You carefully guarded your heart
and never allowed anything to take the Father's place.
Your love for the Father was mirrored in what You taught and modeled:
You loved Him with your whole heart,
your whole soul and with all your strength
and your neighbor as self,
for if I cannot love my neighbor who I see,
how can I love God who I cannot see?
May I be mindful of my struggles with the sin of idolarty
-- of putting wealth, position, power, prestige and possessions
 ahead of my love for You.
May my love be pure and single-hearted,
reaching out to my brothers and sisters
so that as my love for You grows,
so will my love for them grow as well.
Help us to love truly, profoundly, intensely.
Help me to let God alone reign supreme in my heart.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
undivided of of heart,
make my heart like unto Yours.

Some scripture texts for further prayer and meditation:
Matthew 22:37
Luke 14:26
Luke 16:13
2 Cor 1:19

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Novena to the Sacred Heart, Day 2

A Pure Heart

Jesus, in your purity of heart,
You show us that our love
must be untainted by anything unworthy.
Yours was an authenticity with which none could compare.
Your love is true without self-interest or other intentions.
You see each person as they truly are
and not for what You could gain from them.
Your love wasn't conditional on what you could gain;
Your love was simple and untainted, clean and umblemished.
Help us to put aside self-interest, secondary motives,
and motives that are not noble.
May we be mindful to watch and pray.
When we experience the purifying fire of your love,
may we not shrink back,
but rather examine ourselves
to help unearth the impurities
that hinder our ability to love.
Help us with the fire of your love.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
pure and clean of heart,
make my heart like unto Yours.

Some scripture texts for further prayer and meditation:
Matthew 5:8
Luke 7:36-50

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Novena to the Sacred Heart, Day 1

A Compassionate Heart

in your commpassion You showed us what it means
to share in the sufferings of others.
You did not idlely stand by
but worked to alleviate their sufferings.
You were not indifferent to the situations of others,
but empathized with and shared in their pain and sorrow.
You put their needs above Your own.
Take away our selfishness, preoccupation,
and hardness toward others' difficulties
and give us a heart as compassionate as Your own.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
full of compassion for others,
make my heart like unto Yours.

Some scripture texts for further prayer and meditation:
Matthew 14:12
Mark 8:2-3
1 Corinthians 12:26

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Heart Like His

Last year for my birthday I received an excellent book:  A Heart Like His, Meditations on the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Father Thomas D. Williams.  Father Williams takes his reader through thirty expressions of the Sacred Heart as found in scripture, particularly the Gospels.   From these I have selected nine to create a series of reflections on the Sacred Heart in the form of a novena, and I am indebted to Father Williams as the source of the quotes and scriptural references as well.
Devotion to the Sacred Heart often linked only to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, but it goes back further to the mystics like St. Mechtild (d. 1298) and St. Gertrude the Great (d. 1302).  St. Jean Eudes (1602-1680) honored it with an Office and established a feast for it.
In a letter to the Most Rev. Father Peter-Hans Kolvenbach on May 15, 2006, Pope Benedict XV writes:  devotion to the Sacred Heart “has an irreplaceable importance for our faith and for our life in love.”  He goes on further:  it is by deepening our relationship with the Heart of Jesus that “we will be able to understand better what it means to know God’s love in Jesus Christ, to experience him, keeping our gaze fixed on him to the point that we live entirely in the experience of his love, so that we can witness it to others.”
John Paul II tells us that when we speak of the heart, we refer to "our whole being, all that is within each one of us." The heart represents "all that forms us from within, in the depths of our being. All that makes up our entire humanity, our whole person in its spiritual and physical dimension."
With that said, tomorrow we will begin our Novena.

Monday, June 4, 2012

I cherish a lively hope...

I am opposed by the uncertainty of my future,
but I cherish the lively hope of seeing my dreams fulfilled,
because the Lord cannot place thoughts and desires
in a person's soul and not really intend to fulfill them,
to gratify these longings which Our Lord alone has caused.

~St. Padre Pio

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Prayer to the Holy Trinity

Glory be to the Father,
Who by His almighty power and love created me,
making me in the image and likeness of God.

Glory be to the Son,
Who by His Precious Blood delivered me from hell,
and opened for me the gates of heaven.

Glory be to the Holy Spirit,
Who has sanctified me in the sacrament of Baptism,
and continues to sanctify me
by the graces I receive daily from His bounty.

Glory be to the Three adorable Persons of the Holy Trinity,
now and forever.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

I sought...

I sought my soul,
my soul I could not see;
I sought my God;
but God eluded me;
I sought my neighbor
-- and I found all three.

~ William Barclay

Friday, June 1, 2012

The value of persistent prayer...

The value of persistent prayer
is not that God will hear us,
but that we will finally hear God.

~William McGill