Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love Knows No Limits

Continuing our thoughts from The Imitation of Christ...
Such lovers fly high, run swiftly and rejoice.  Their souls are free; they give all for all and have all in all.  For they rest in One Supreme Goodness above all things, from Whom all other good flows and proceeds.  They look not only at the gifts, but at the Giver, Who is above all gifts.
Love knows no limits, but is fervent above all measure.  It feels no burden, makes light of labor, desiring to do more than it is able.  Nothing is impossible to love, for it thinks that it can and may do all thing for the Beloved.
Therefore it does and effects many things, while those who do not love falter and fail.
The Imitation of Christ
Book 3:  Interior Conversation
Chapter 5, Section 4

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