Tuesday, January 22, 2013

..in the direction of God's will

   "Because discernment begins in faith, proceeds in faith and ends in faith, it remains always shrouded in darkness. We cannot "know" with scientific precision what the Lord desires.  
Thus, rather than say that such and such is the will of God, it seems more appropriate to affirm that a particular choice is in the direction of God's will. The divine will cannot be reduced to human categories, God's will infinitely transcends any thing we can conceive it to be. ...
   Since we can never possess empirical certitude in matters of faith, our discernment always retains an element of darkness and risk. Moreover, faith guides us through this night "more surely than the light of noonday" ( St John of the Cross)   Thus, the vocational imperative which moves us to lifelong commitment is produced by God in us, not precisely by our conviction of proceeding in the direction of God's will. 
   That conviction is rather the effect of the divine activity within us. In other words, instead of the signs guiding us, God moves us forward in our vocation; and, in the process, signs appear -- signs which confirm and affirm."

Called by God, Frances Kelly Nemeck and Marie Theresa Coombs. pgs. 14-15

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