Friday, January 18, 2013

Prayers of Discernment

This weekend we are hosting the Pittsburgh seminarians. It is an honor to once again serve them, and provide a sacred place so that they might grow closer to God.

This is their prayer for  Discernment from their web site.

Prayers of Discernment

Gracious God, You have called me to life and gifted me in many ways. Through Baptism
You have sent me to continue the mission of Jesus by sharing my love with others.
Strengthen me to respond to Your call each day. Help me to become all You desire of me.
Inspire me to make a difference in others' lives. Lead me to choose the way of life You have
planned for me. Open the hearts of all to listen to Your call. Fill all with Your Holy Spirit that
we may have listening hearts and the courage to respond to You. Enkindle in my heart and
the hearts of others the desire to make the world a better place by serving as Lay Minister,
Sister, Priest, Brother or Deacon. Amen.

O Lord, help me know your will for me. Let your light shine in the depths of my heart that I
may know what you want me to do with my life. Help me believe that you have a special
plan for me. Lord, I know I pass through this life only once; help me decide how you want
me to make a difference. Like our Blessed Mother, give me the wisdom to hear your voice
and the courage to answer your call. Above all give me peace of mind and heart. I offer this
prayer in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

God bless

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  1. God bless them and God bless you sisters for all that you do. May God bless you with many vocations!