Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Christ Jesus said one day:

"When I shall be lifted up from the earth, upon the Cross,
 My power will be such that I shall be able to lift up to Me 
those who have faith in Me.
Those who looked upon the brazen serpent, 
in the desert, were healed;
 thus those who look upon Me with faith and love will be drawn to Me,
despite their sins, their wounds and their unworthiness, 
and I will lift them as high as Heaven.
I, Who am God, consented for love of thee 
to hang upon the Cross as one accursed. 
In return for this heavenly splendors whence I descended, 
those who believe in Me.
I came down from heaven, 
I shall ascend thither taking with Me
 those who hope in My grace.
 This grace is so powerful that it can unity thee to Me,
 and unite thee so indissolubly that no one can snatch out of My hands
 those whom My Father has given Me,
 those whom I have through pure mercy,
 redeemed with My precious Blood."

Dom Columba Marion, OSB
Christ the Ideal of the Monk

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