Sunday, March 3, 2013

Twelfth Station ~ Jesus Dies on the Cross

Twelfth Station 
Twelfth Station St. Emma Monastery

Jesus Dies on the Cross

"Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit!"
And into Your hands, Jesus Christ my most merciful redeemer,
Infinite Love, 
I commend myself in the hour of death-
my body and soul, 
my heart and my mind and my will, 
All that I have done and all that I am.

Into Your hands,
the beautiful hands of a carpenter
with their line and sinew and muscle, 
strong and sensitive hands
nailed to the cross, 
I commend those whom I love.
Hands that can heal the sick,
can give sight to the blind;
hands that raise the dead
and restore them to life with a touch,
receive those whom I love,
receive them and bless them from the cross;
receive them, comfort them, lead and uphold them;
unity them to Yourself
and re-unite them to me 
for ever more in Your Kingdom, 
Jesus, merciful Lord.


The Way of the Cross  by Caryll Houselander 

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