Monday, March 4, 2013

Thirteenth Station ~ Jesus is Taken Down From the Cross

Thirteenth Station 
Thirteenth Station St. Emma Monastery

 Jesus is Taken Down From the Cross

And there from the summit of Calvary, 
at the foot of the cross with her dead child in her arms, 
Mary saw how in all the centuries to come Christ would be born again 
day after day, hour after hour, in the sacred Host. 
She heard the multitudinous whisper of the 
words of consecration coming to her on Calvary 
from every part of the world, from every place on earth:
 from the great cathedrals of the world;
 from the little village huts that are makeshift for churches;
 from the churches themselves, weather they were beautiful or cheap and tawdry;
 from the chapels and wards of hospitals;
 from prisons and from concentration camps; from the frozen forests of Siberia
- from dawn till dusk, and from dusk till dawn,
 the words of consecration on the breath of men, 
and Jesus lifted up, 
as He had been lifted up on the cross, 
in the Sacred Host.

The Way of the Cross  by Caryll Houselander 

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