Sunday, March 10, 2013

Prayer for Monastic Vocations

O Lord Jesus Christ, you have told us
 to ask and we will receive, 
to seek and we will find,
 to knock and it will be opened to us. 
Attend now to our prayer for monastic vocations,
 and for those seek to know your will at a time of discernment in their lives. 

St. Benedict, blessed of God,
 please ask Our Lord that
 those who seek may attain the grace of insight and peace of the Holy Spirit. 
May they be open and generous in their response.

O Holy Spirit,
 help them to prefer nothing to the love of Christ
 and to make the most generous decision possible.

St. Benedict, patron of monks,
 pray for all those who are seeking to follow Jesus in this consecrated way.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Sisters! Thank you for posting this lovely prayer for Monastic Vocations. It's new to me and I deeply appreciate your bringing it to my attention. Although a monastic vocation is not in the cards for me, I will dutifully use this prayer that it may somehow aid those who might righteously and profitably pursue that path.