Sunday, January 29, 2012

May angels guide you and bring you into paradise...

1914 - 2012

The "dress rehearsal" of a few months ago when Sr. Gaudentia became extremely ill and was placed on hospice (for the 3rd time), did nothing to prepare us for the reality of truly having to say "Auf Wiedersehen" ("until we meet again").  That reality came yesterday afternoon shortly before 12:30. 

We had an overnight group and had literally finished serving the meal and the first round of coffee when the community was summoned from the retreat kitchen and dining room (as well as several other corners) that Sister Gaudentia would shortly meet her Bridegroom.  (Our tremendous volunteers took over our hospitality so that we could be with Sister during those final moments.)

For those who know Sister Gaudentia, this is not surprising.  For 50+ years she worked in the monastic refectory (dining room) at St. Vincent Archabbey (Latrobe, PA)  from 1934 - 1987, coming out to St. Emma's with the last group of Sisters.  Here at St. Emma's she served an additional 10 years in our monastic refectory as well as in our retreat dining room until her health declined.  Her care and concern for the needs of others cannot begin to be adequately described.

We shall dearly miss her warm smile, joyful presence and the peace and prayerfulness one sensed in her being.

Dear Sister Gaudentia, may the angels guide you and bring you into paradise...  You shall indeed be sorely missed.  Know that we love you and rely on your prayers for us from the other side of the veil...

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