Thursday, March 15, 2012

B & B Nunning

The words "hospitality" and "Benedictine" go hand in hand -- so for us offering hospitality through our Bed & Breakfast is just another exspression of our welcoming guests as Christ. 

We opened our Bed & Breakfast last May after renovating the house our founding Sisters purchased in 1943.  It has seen various uses over the years:  a place for our Sisters to come for some days of rest and renewal, the residence of our first diocesan bishop (he came for three weeks and stayed seven years!), and the residence of our community's chaplain.  Since August 2010, we have a commuting chaplain from St. Vincent Archabbey and the space became available.  A volunteer commented that it would make a beautiful Bed & Breakfast and well, the rest is history!

Most of our guests have commented on the peacefulness, many say they felt at home from the first moment they stepped across the threshold.  Everyone says it couldn't be nicer and that they are telling all their friends about it. 

What makes their experience so special:  our prayer and our presence.  We pray for them and their intentions.  We offer an open ear if they want to share a burden.  We welcome them "home" -- and treat them as a very special part of our family.  We think St. Benedict would be proud...

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