Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why, why, why?

The mystery of God is too great, and our minds too small, too limited to understand his ways.  But I cannot, and will not, doubt the love of God for every person, a love that is warm, intimate, and true.  I shall trust him, even when I find no human grounds for doing so.  Left withthe question "Why?" I discover a light that begins to shine in the darkness, just a flicker but enough for me to say:  "I know where to look when still unable to se clearly."  I Look at he figure of Christ dying on the cross.  I know that if I look long enough, I shall begin to see that his passion and death have a powerful message to convey.  When God became man, he accepted that he would be like one of us and would experience our darkest moments and greatest pain.  When many suffer the sense of being abandoned, he suffered that too.  When many are troubled in mind, they know that he, too, was troubled in mind.

There is something important for us here.  Would God, who became man, have suffered all he did were it not or our consolation and guidance, where it not to point to an answer to the question "Why, why, why?"

from The Mystery of the Cross
by Cardinal Basil Hume

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