Monday, March 12, 2012

The Sorrows of Mary, Part II

Mary at the Foot of the Cross

Dear Mary, that heavy cross that you watched you Son carry, is now his next instrument of torture -- and death.  His hands and feet have so cruelly been nailed to its wood. 
Little by little, you see his life ebb away.  And hear those words that tear at your heart even more, "There is your mother.  Woman, there is your son."  Another is given to you in Jesus' place, but could anyone ever take His place in your heart?  The baby you carried beneath your heart for nine months and then cared for and raised is now dying before your eyes -- and you are helpless now to help Him, except to stay with Him to the end and let Him know that you love Him.

Mary, help us to not be afraid to be present to others in their pain and suffering.  Mary, help us to see Jesus -- and his cross -- in their pain.

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