Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Sorrows of Mary, Part I

Mary's first three sorrows happened when Jesus was a child.  The last four of her sorrows are tied intimately to Jesus' passion and death.  Over the next several days, we would like to reflect with you on those four.

Meeting Jesus as He Carried His Cross

How your heart must have wrenched in pain at seeing your beloved Son.  The wounds so new and raw from the scouraging, the thorns tearing his brow, and the weight of the cross resting heavily on his shoulders.

Yes, his Passion was your passion, too.  In your motherly heart, you felt his pain, knew his grief.  Knowing that you shared it with him, must have strengthened him.  Knowing that you, too, understood on a very deep level that the He had to follow his Father's will regardless of the cost, consoled him.

Mary, help us to assist others as they bear their crosses -- crosses they did not choose -- but carry nonetheless.  Mary, help us to see Jesus -- and his cross -- in them.

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