Monday, July 30, 2012

A Lifestyle Worthy of the Gospel, Part II

Show that list to any of our contemporaries and they will conclude that you lead a miserable life.  And so you will -- unless there is something else.  It is this "something else" that makes monastic life tolerable, worthwhile, and sometimes delightful.  Among the benefits we receive from belonging to a monastic community are the following:
  • our relationship with God in prayer;
  • our discipleship of Christ;
  • the gift of daylong liturgy;
  • our belonging to a sound spiritual tradition;
  • our clarity about goals and means;
  • the support and affection of like-minded brothers or sisters;
  • our contemplative ambiance;
  • our hours of holy leisure;
  • our opportunities for spiritual, intellectual, and personal formation and growth;
  • our relative freedom from financial and other worries.
from Strangers to the City
by Michael Casey

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