Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thoughts on Obedience, Part II

To a society that values collaboratin, consultatin, and team ministry, Benedict has much to offer.  He recognizes the significance of listening to our sisters and brothers through whom the call of God also comes.  Not only obedience to the learder of the community, the abbot, but mutual obedience to its members, one to the other, is called 'a blessing', an acknowledgment that everyone has some wisdom, and no one has it all.  Benedict stresses that whenever important matters are to be decieded, the abbot must call together the whole community and ask for the counsel of each one, even and especially the youngest.  All must tune the ears of their hearts to the Rule and not be arrogant, prejudiced or deaf to each other's words.  Although the decision rests with the abbot, right judgment requires him to ponder the counsel offered.

from The Gift of Saint Benedict
introduced by Verna A. Holyhead SGS

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