Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stability of Heart

The spiritual value of stability lies in commitment.  Like everything else in monastic life, stability works best when it is wholehearted, without escape hatches or preserves of autonomy.  Having committed boht spiritual and material fate to a particular community, a Benedictine has a stake in keeping the community focused on what they are meant to be about.  She must be faithful to the work of God, lectio divina, personal prayer.  She has committed herself to being present to her sisters in the monastery.  She works in support of their life together.  She attends chapters and community meetings, welcomes guests and newcomers to the community.  She helps to care for those who are ill or in distress, and helps to bury the dead.  She works at seeing Christ in the people with whom she lives.  Where better to find him?

from Prayer and Community:  The Benedictine Tradition
by Columba Stewart, OSB

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