Monday, July 16, 2012

Wondrous Love

The cross prompts two kinds of feeling in me.  The first is incomprehension.  How could God allow Jesus to come to such a cruel end on the cross?  Although I know that ti was human beings who nailed Jesus tothe cross, there remains the provocation, the harshness, the incomprehensible nature of this death.  It raises questions about my image of God and my image of Jesus.  The other feeling is one of being filled with love.  When I look at Jesus hanging on the cross with outstretched arms and dying there, I feel that I'm loved unconditionally.  In the depth of my heart I know that in the end Jesus also died for me.  He hand nothing back.  On the cross he gave everything, he opened himself for me.  His outstretched arms are an invitation to me to feel secure in his love.  When I kneel before the cross all self-accusations cease, and my heart becomes still.  I know that all is well.  Everything is embraced by his love.

from Images of Jesus
by Anselm Gruen

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