Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eighth Day of Retreat

Preferring Nothing Whatever to Christ

In Chapter 72 of his Rule, St. Benedict talks about the good zeal that he desires his monks to have that leads to God and everlasting life.  This zeal just as Webster defines does mean eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something:  self-forgetfulness. 

It's the final goal, God and everlasting life, that makes the self-forgetfulness possible.  And it is in looking at Christ, and his cross, where we have our greatest example. 

And it is in the cross that we find our consolation, our encouragement to seek the narrow way and foster fervent love.  Boniface Wimmer, in writing to the monks who would come with him from Germany to make the first foundation of Benedictine monks in the United States could only promise them the cross.  Christ promised the same thing to his apostles and disciples.  Can we expect any different?

give me
an ardent love of your cross.
May it be my consolation and my hope.
May it lead me where I would not chose
to go, so that I
may follow in
your footsteps,
your paths,
your ways,
not my own.
May it give
me courage
in difficulties
and strength
in weakness.

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