Sunday, September 30, 2012

On Continually Thinking of God

Those who are filled with an earthly love are always thinking of the object of their attachment, their heart brims with affection for it, their mouth is always full of its praise.  When absent, they constantly speak their love in letters, engrave the treasured name on every tree.

In the same way those who love God are never tired of thinking of him, seeking him and talking to him.  They would like to engrave the holy name of Jesus on the heart of every human being in the world.

To such people, everything speaks of God, and all creation joins them in praising the loved one.  The whole world speaks to them in a silent but intelligible language of their love, everything excites them to holy thoughts, from which arises a stream of ejaculatory prayers to God.

The habit of recollection and ejactulatory prayers is the keystone of devotion and can supply the defects of all your other prayers, but nothing else can fill its place.  Without it, you cannot follow the contemplative life well, or the active life without danger.

~ St. Francis de Sales
in Athirth for God

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