Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ocean of Sacred Love and Sweetness

O God, ocean of sacred love and sweetness, come and give Yourself to my soul.  Grant that I may continually long for You with my whole heart, and absolute desire and burning love, and that I may live in You.  O my true supreme joy, may I prefer You to all creatures, and for Your sake, renounce all transitory pleasures!

O Lord, nourish this starving beggar with the influx of Your divinity, and delight me with the desired presence of Your grace.  This I long and beg for, so that Your vehement love may penetrate, fill and transform me into You.

O loving Redeemer, make me burn with love for You, making no account of myself, and finding my delight in You alone; may I know and enjoy no one but You.  O overflowing abyss of the divinity!  Draw me, and immerse me in You!  Take all the love from my heart and apply it to Yourself, so that I may be dead to all other things.

My soul call You, and seeks You with indescribable love, O delight of loving embraces!  Come, my Beloved, come, You whom I desire above all, that I may possess You within me, and that my soul, may embrace and hold You close!  Come into my soul, O sovereign sweetness, and let me taste Your sweetness, and delight and rest in You alone.

O my Beloved, Beloved of all my desires, let me find You and then hold You and press You close in a spiritual embrace.  I desire You, I sigh for You, O eternal Beatitude!  Oh, give Yourself to me, unite me closely to You, and inebriate me with the wine of Your love!

~ Bl. Louis de Blois
in Divine Intimacy

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