Saturday, September 29, 2012

Michael, Raphael and Gabriel

Our Office of Lauds uses the following hymn for the Feast of the Archangels.  We thought you would enjoy meditating on the text of this wonderful hymn as well...

Christ, of the Angels praise and adoration,
Father and Savior Thou, of every nation,
Graciously grant us all to gain a station,
Where Thou art reigning.

Angel all peaceful, to our dwelling send us,
Michael, from heaven coming to befriend us,
Breathing serenest peace may he attend us,
Grim war dispelling.

Angel of Strength, who triumphed, tumults quelling
Gabriel send us, ancient foes expelling,
Oft in these temples may he make his dwelling,
Dear unto heaven.

Angel Physician, health on man bestowing,
Raphael send us from the skies all glowing,
All sickness curing, wisest counsel showing
In doubt and danger.

May the fair Mother of the Light be o'er us,
Virgin of peace, with all the Angel chorus,
And may the heavenly army go before us,
Guiding and guarding.

O may the Godhead, endless bliss possessing,
Father, Son, Spirit, grant us this blessing;
All His creation joins His praise confessing,
Now and forever.

Source:  The Monastic Diurnal

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