Monday, September 10, 2012

Sixth Day of Retreat

The Work of God

Coming together six times a day to chant is what our life at the monastery is truly about.  Our vocation, our ministry, if you will, is to sing the praises of God. 

The Liturgy of the Hours, the prayer of the Church, is for all peoples -- not just monks and nuns in monasteries.  The psalms take us through a whole gammit of emotions, not just what we are feeling at the moment.  The psalms help us call to mind God's faithfulness and our sinfulness, God's glory and our lowliness. 

In other words, The Liturgy of the Hours necessarily puts those words on our lips that we find difficult to express -- be it thankfulness and praise when we are going through a particularly difficult struggle with something to an acknowledgement of our sinfulness in the midst of a surge of pride. 

Most of all, The Liturgy of the Hours helps us pass through the Church year with a greater appreciation to God for all that He has done for us. 

You search me and You know me.
Thank you for allowing me,
an unworthy sinner,
the grace to sing your praises
in the name of the Church.
Help me to be mindful
of my brothers and sisters
who I uplift in my prayer.

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