Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In Honor of Our Guardian Angels

Lord of hosts, Thou didst create us in Thy likeness and hast made our souls a living temple of the most Holy Trinity.  Thou hast given us Thy holy angels to assist, protect, and guide us that we may persevere in Thy grace throughout life's journey.  Blessed by Thy Name above all!

Holy angels of God, you are the faithful companions of our earthly exile.  You conduct us on the way of life as the Angel Raphael accompanied young Tobias on his long and perilous journey.  You are ever speaking to our souls and filling our hearts with wholesome thoughts, urging us on to good and warning us against every danger and occasion of sin.

We have not always listed to your voice, but frequently disregarded your admonitions.  Forgive us our failings and neglect in the past, for we promise in the future to obey you willingly and faithfully, to love you sincerely, and to think of you often with reverence and gratitude.

Illustrious angels of God, noble and mighty, you stoop to guard and protect us and daily lavish your loving care anew upon us poor sinners.  You know the value of our souls inthe eyes of God.  Never permit us to forget that our immortal souls were redeemed by the Blood of christ.  May no stain of evil mar their bueauty nor any though of sin rob us of our dignity as children of God.  Above all, keep us from scandal, that we may not beocme an occasion of sin to others and thus destroy the work which Christ has wrought in their souls by His bitter Passion and Death.

O God, who in Thy providence dost vouchsafe to send Thy holy angels to keep watch over us, grant that we may always be defended and shielded by them and rejoice in their fellowship.  Through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

in The Prayer Book

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