Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Offering Ourselves and All That is Ours to God...

Lord, all things are Thine that are in heaven and on earth.

I desire to offer myself up to Thee as a voluntary oblation,
and to remain forever Thine. 

Lord , in the sincerity of my heart
I offer myself to The this day to be Thy servant evermore,
to serve Thee,
and to becoem a sacrifice for perpetual praise to Thee.

Receive me with this oblation of Thy preceious Body,
which I offer to Thee this day,
in the presence of Thy angels invisibly standing by,
that it may be for mine and all the people's salvatin.

Lord, I offer to Thee all my sins and offences,
which I have committed in Thy sight and that of Thy holy angels,
from the day that I was first capable of sin until this hour,
upon Thy propitiatory altar,
that Thou mayst burn and consume them all with the fire of Thy charity,
and remove all the stains of my sins,
and cleanse my conscience from all offences
and restore to me Thy grace,
wich I have lost by sin,
by fully pardoning me all,
and mercifully receiving me to the kiss of peace.

What can I do for my sins but humbly confess them,
and lament them,
and incessantly implore Thy mercy for them.

Hear me, I beseech Thee, in Thy mercy,
when I stand before Thee, O my God.

All my sins displease me exceedingly,
I will never commit them any more;
I am sorry for them,
and will be sorry for them as long as  I live;
I am willing to do penance for them,
and to make satisfaction to the utmost of my power.

Forgive, O my God,
forgive me my sins for They holy name's sake;
save my soul,
which Thou has redeemed with Thy precious Blood.

Behold, I commit myself to Thy mercy;
I resign myself into Thy hands.

Deal with me according to Thy goodness --
not according to my wickedness and iniquity.

I offer also to Thee all the goods I have,
though very little and imperfect;
that Thou mayst make it better and sanctify it;
that Thou mayst be pleased with ti,
and make it acceptable to Thee,
and perfect it more and more;
and mayst moreover bring me,
who am a slothful and unprofitable wretch,
to a good and happy end.

I offer to Thee also allthe godly desires of Thy devout servants,
the necessities of my parents, friends, brethren, sisters,
and all of those that are dear to me;
and of all such as, for the love of Thee,
have been benefactors to me or tohers;
or who have desired and begged of me
to offer up prayers and Masses for themselves
and all that belongd to them;
whether they live as yet in the flesh,
or whether they are now departed out of this world;
That they all may be sensible of the assistance of Thy grace,
of the benefit of Thy comfort,
of Thy protection from dangers,
and of a deliverance from their pains,
and that being freed from all evils they may with joy
give worthy thanks to Thee.

I offer up also to Thee my prayers
and this sacrifice of propitiation for those in particular
who have in anything wronged, grieved, or abused me,
or have done me any damage or displeasure.

And for all those likewise whom I have at any time
grieved, troubled, injured or scandalized,
by word or deed,
knowingly or unknowingly;
that it may please Thee to forgive us
all our sins and offences one agains another.

Take, O Lord, from our hearts all jealously,
indignation, wrathe, and contention,
and whatsoever may hurt charity,
and lessen brotherly love.

Have mercy, O Lord,
have mercy on those that crave Thy mercy;
give grace to them that stand in need thereof,
and grant that we may be morthy to enjoy Thy grace,
and that we may attain to life everlasting.

from the Imitation of Christ

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