Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Master, I want to see."

Today's Gospel reading from St. Mark has Jesus healing the blind man named Bartimaeus.  Others in the crowd tried to silence him, but he called all the louder, and added a very telling title, "Son of David", to his request for the Lord's pity. 

On hearing this title, Jesus could tell that this man had great faith, and Jesus tells him that it is his faith that has saved him.  Not that he is healed, but saved.  He receives two gifts from the Lord:  both his sight and his salvation. 

He, in turn, followed him on the way.  One could well imagine that he became a devoted disciple of Jesus.

Something to ponder today:  Do you ever ask for what you need with great faith?  Or do you simply presents your needs to the Lord?

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