Saturday, October 13, 2012

O Mary...

O Mary, Virgin and Most Holy Mother,
behold I have received Your Most Beloved Son,
whom you conceived in your womb,
bore, suckled and bound with the most gentle embraces. 
Behold I humbly and lovingly bring back
and offer to you that very One, 
at whose sight you used to rejoice
and be filled with every delight, 
so that you may bind Him fast with your arms,
love Him with your Heart,
and offer Him to the Most Holy Trinity
as a supreme act of worship,
for the sake of your very honor and glory
and my own necessities
and those of the whole world. 
Therefore I beg you,
most faithful Mother,
by your asking,
obtain for me the pardon of all my sins,
and abundant grace to serve Him every more faithfully,
and at last the final grace, 
so that I might be able to praise Him
with you forever and ever.

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