Friday, February 8, 2013

Christian Vocational Lifestyles

As the biblical authors put it: Willing us to exist, God knows us and chooses us to be. Having chosen us, the Lord calls us each by name and consecrates us. That choosing, calling and consecrating we term "our vocation."
Our vocation is both eternal and temporal. It is eternal because even before forming us in the womb the Lord had already consecrated us (Jer 1:5). Moreover, our eternity will consist in the everlasting realization of that consecration-unending, ever-deepening communion with Father, Son and Spirit. Our vocation is also temporal because it unfolds in space and time. It extends from the moment of inception to the instant of death. Thus, we experience a vocation within a vocation- a temporal particular calling within an eternal universal call to holiness.

Called by God A Theology of Vocation and Lifelong Commitment by Frances Kelly Nemeck and Marie Theresa Coombs

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