Friday, February 15, 2013

First Station of the Cross~ Jesus is Condemned to Death

The Stations of the Cross are not given to us only to remind us of the historical Passion of Christ, but to show us what is happening now, and happening to each one of us. Christ dis not become man only to lead His own short life on earth- unimaginable mercy though that would have been-- but to live each of our lives.
Most of Christ's earthly life was hidden. He was hidden in His Mother's womb, He was hidden in Egypt and in Nazareth. During His public life He was hidden often, when He fled into "a mountain to pray." During the forty days of His risen life, again and again He disappeared and hid Himself from men. Today He is hidden in the Blessed Sacrament, in Heaven, and in His Mystical Body on earth.
But his His Passion He was exposed, made public property to the whole of mankind. The last time He went up into a mountain to pray, it was to pray out loud in a voice that would echo down the ages, ringing in the ears of mankind for ever. He was to stripped naked before the whole world for ever, not only in body but in mind and soul; to reveal not only the height and depth and the breadth of His love for men but its intimacy, its sensitivity, its humanity.
The Way of the Cross Caryll Houselander

Jesus is Condemned to Death

He is a man of sorrows.
He is covered in bruises and stripes.
He is made a laughing stock. 
He is crowned with a crown of thorns.
A reed is put into His hand for a scepter a tattered soldier's cloak in thrown over His naked shoulders. 
His eyes are blindfolded. 
His face is covered with spittings 
He is bound like a dangerous criminal 
His own people have chosen a murderer before him.
His friends have forsaken Him. 
The kiss of treason burns on His check.

"Father, forgive them: they do not know what it is they are doing"

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