Friday, February 22, 2013

Fifth Station Simon Helps Jesus to Carry the Cross

Fifth Station
Fifth Station St. Emma Monastery

Simon Helps Jesus to Carry the Cross

We are here on earth to help to carry the cross of Christ, the Christ hidden in other men and women, and to have literally a strong arm to give, we may help to do hard work; we may have material goods to give; we may have time, which we desperately want for ourselves but which we must sacrifice for Christ in others.
We may have only suffering. 
Suffering is the most precious coin of all. Suffering of body, suffering of mind, paid down willingly for Christ in others, enables Him to carry His redeeming cross through the world to the end of time. 
Suffering contains in itself all that Simon gave: 
our mind and body, frustration and identification with someone else.

The Way of the Cross  Caryll Houselander

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