Sunday, February 3, 2013

Consecrated unto God

The Lord consecrates us for a reason: to transform us, to deify us. Personal holiness, therefore, remains as divinely ordained goal of every human life.

A. The universal Call to Holiness
   The Lord calling us each by our own name and destining us to divinization makes us special chosen and beloved. By calling us, the Lord sets us apart for God. Thus the Lord consecrated us. What we name "vocation" is the milieu in which and the way trough which we become holy as God is holy ( Lev 19:2; Matt 5:48)
   Yet, the Lord does not call and consecrate only a select few. God calls all persons by their individual names and consecrated each one to participate in the inner life of the Trinity.

Called by God  Theology of Vocation and Lifelong Commitment  Frances Kelly Nemeck and Marie Theresa Coombs pg 61

 How have we responded to the unique call from God?
 Our vocations is what leads us closer to the loving relationship with God.
 How is this achieved, by our response to God's invitation to love.

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