Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Disciple's Prayer

O Lord Jesus Christ,
Savior and Redeemer,
show me the real way to be your follower.
Give me the wisdom and humility
to learn from your words
and from the church which you left
after raising up disciples in your own time.

By your example and by your Holy Spirit,
deliver me from following my own way,
from constructing the image of you
that suits my needs and desires.
Each of my inner inclinations can seduce me
to construct my own image of you:
my anger,
and sense of self-importance.
Like the apostles,
I can have my own ideas
of how you can save the world --
but with my help, of course.

Break my pride by your humility,
unmask my selfishness and innate paganism
by your providential gifts
that impel me to true conversion and humiliation.
If necessary, let the knife cut deeply
and let me not cringe back in cowardice.
Le me know the true joy of your real presence;
let me experience even in the dark time,
the saving strength of your corss;
let me be a source of your gracious assistance
to those whom I meet along the way.

from Quiet Moments with Benedict Groeschel, 120 Daily Readings

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